2019 Palmetto Patriots Award Honorees

Major General Robert E. Livingston, Jr.

Sergeant Major Ernest M. Jones, Jr.

2018 Palmetto Patriots Award Honorees

Al Hamilton

US Army, Retired

Carol Davis

Inspirational Volunteer

Past Speakers

Ron Young

US Army Iraqi POW

Lt. Col. Oliver North

USMC Retired

Governor Mike Huckabee

Governor of Arkansas

Lt. Gen Russel Honore

US Army Retired


  • Kyle Carpenter, Medal of Honor Recipient USMC, Purple Heart Recipient
  • Bob Russell, US Air Force
  • MG James Olsen, US Air Force
  • Col Dick Gimi, US Air Force
  • Clebe McClary, USMC, Purple Heart Recipient
  • Fowler Cary, Local Businessman and Patriot
  • Lou Fowler, American POW, WWII, US Army Air Corps, Purple Heart Recipient
  • John Testruth, US Army, Purple Heart Recipient
  • James Smith, SC House of Representative, US Army, Purple Heart Recipient
  • MG George Goldsmith, SC Army National Guard,
  • Murray Price, US Army Air Corps
  • Alan Wilson, SC Attorney General and Col SC National Guard
  • Col. Jack Van Loan, American POW, Vietnam, US Air Force, Purple Heart Recipient

Hear The Honorees Story

Cary Fowler

Local Businessman and Patriot

Clebe McClary

USMC, Purple Heart Recipient

Bob Huges

Iwo Jima Marine

Chris Pair

US Army

Lt Colonel Alan Wilson

South Carolina Attorney General

Colonel Richard Gimi


Major General Thomas Olsen

Ret. U.S. Air Force

John Testtruth

Military Order of the Purple Heart

Major James Smith

U.S. Army

Bob Russell

Chairman, Russell & Jeffcoat Realty

Major General George Goldsmith

Colonel Jack Van Loan

U.S. Air Force, Ret.

Kyle Carpenter

U.S. Marine, Ret.

Murray Price

U.S. Army Air Corps, Ret.

Lou Fowler

American POW, WWII, US Army Air Corps, Purple Heart Recipient

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